The people and lifestyle of Uttaranchal is determined by the climate as well as the topographical situation of the state. Popularly referred as ‘Pahari’, which means hill persons, the people of Uttaranchal can be divided in to distinct tribes as Garhwali and Kumaoni. Other tribes that also exist in Uttaranchal are Jadh, Marcha, Tolcha, Shauka, Buksha, Tharu, Jaunsari, Bhotia, Raji and Gujjar.

As far as casteism is concerned the people of Uttaranchal can be divided in to Kol-Doms, Khasi Rajput, Khasi Brahmin, immigrant Rajput, migrant Brahmin and Bhotias. The prime occupation of people of Uttaranchal is agriculture. Uttaranchal culture is rich and filled with exoticism as well as philanthropy. Take up cultural tours of Uttaranchal to see the myriad land where about 90% of the total population is Hindu.

The ‘Paharis’ or the people of mountains can be basically identified by their soft spoken dialects of Garhawlas or Kumaon. Other important language of the state are Jaunsari and Bhotiya dialects, while Hindi appears to be taking the primary lead. But the most fascinating facet of Uttaranchal culture is that, it is so deep rooted that in every part of the state, you will discover a different local dialect. Culture tourism in Uttaranchal promotes all the fairs and festivals of the state that has helped in shaping up the colorful culture of the state.

The people and lifestyle of Uttaranchal, can be catagorized as primitive. Though positive cities have seen development, but most of the areas of the state has still stay undiscovered. It is this reason that draws people to enjoy holidays in Uttaranchal. The untouched and original culture of the people lives in the rural destinations of Uttaranchal.

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