India is a land of fairs and cultural events.Its hilly nature of society in fairs is the center of attraction. Uttarakhand is the meeting place of culture and ideas at the fair. The famous fair Gauchar a unique fair is fair.

Chamoli district policy Mana Valley Tribal area of the business and raise public representatives Self 0 Balasinh Paul, Pansinh Bmpal and Govind Singh Rana, Chamoli district in similar trade fair organizing idea of the distinguished journalist and social self-0 Govind Prasad Nautiyal reported to . At the suggestion of the then deputy commissioner of Garhwal month of November, the trade fair began in 1943 after Prthambar Gauchar gradually Adygik development took the form of fairs and cultural fair. Fair earlier date determined each year different was, but freedom after Gauchar the fair India’s first Prime Minister Pandit 0 Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday on 14 November and one week period to be decided was taken.




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