Srinagar is situated in Pauri Garhwal District , Uttarakhand,,,Road to Srinagar from Pauri Srinagar is famous for HNB Garhwal University, Medical College and Schools. Many students from various parts of Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal) take admissions in Srinagar for higher education. Srinagar is 30 Kms from Pauri and takes around 1 hr by bus.

Dhari Devi Mandir

Situated on the banks of River Alaknanda, the Dhari Devi Mandir Srinagar Garhwal is dedicated to the goddess Kali. Situated 16 kilometres away from Srinagar, one has to trek down a distance of approximately 1 kilometre from the Dhari village to reach the temple.

Chopra Mandir

The Chopra Mandir Srinagar Pauri Garhwal is dedicated to Chopra Narsingh or Bhairo Nath and is located near the dam site.

Vishnu Mohini Temple

Dedicated lord Vishnu and his consort goddess Lakshmi, this temple is situated near the main market of the town and is easily accessible.

Kilkileshwar Mahadev Temple

Established by the famous Guru Shankaraycharya, the Kilkileshwar Mahadev temple is dedicated to lord Shiva and is situated in Chauras (Tehri).



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