Nainital, the attractive hill station of Uttaranchal, is the largest town of Kumaon. Located around a beautiful lake it is one of the most enchanting tourist destinations of India. The lush greenery and the tranquil ambience of the destination provide recluse to the tourists from the maddening crowd and hectic pace of city life. Its snow capped peaks, verdant valleys, rolling meadows, abundance of flora & fauna, crystal lakes have beckoned lovers of nature since ages.

It is said that when the body of Siva’s consort Sati was cut into pieces by Lord Vishnu, one of her eyes fell at this place and from this the beautiful lake at Nainital was created.

The first British resident to come here was Mr P Barron of Shahjahanpur. He built a cottage and also brought a yacht here. It eventually became a popular hill station and the summer capital of the United Provinces .

The high season is mid-April to June and mid-September to the beginning of November. From December to March it is a very cold.

Sorce by: Wikipedia


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