Uttarkashi district, the largest district of Uttarakhand was created in the year 1960. The district is named after its headquarters town Uttarkashi, an ancient place with rich cultural heritage. The two very significant Hindu pilgrimage centres Like (Gangotri and Yamnotri). Gangotri and Yamunotri, the sources of the two holy rivers of uttarakhand, Ganga and Yamuna are located in this(Uttarkashi) district. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of this district. The major crops grown in Uttarkashi are rice, small millets, Chulai, wheat, barley and potato. The Cottage and village industries also play an important role in the economy of the district. The most important cottage industry is the production of wool and woollen goods.

Uttarkashi is surrounded by the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north, Tehri Garhwal,Pauri Garhwal & Rudraprayag districts in the south, Dehradun district in the east, and Chamoli district & China in the west. The Ganga and Yamuna are the major rivers of the district.

Sorce by: Wikipedia


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